Data Team

Photo - Mike Reed

Mike Reed

Aviation Data Manager

Mike joined Ascend in 1976 after six years at the Geological Survey, initially undertaking aircraft data research and input into the early database which subsequently evolved into Ascend Online.

Mike has played a pivotal role in the development of Ascend’s data products and provided client training on the company’s earlier CASE system since its introduction in 1994. He has managed the Data Team from 2001 to 2011and now is concentrating on expanding, reconciling and commercialising our aircraft and accident data, working with Product Development.  He also manages all Ascend's aircraft utilization data and the JOS time- series statistical database. 


Air Safety Team

Photo - Paul Hayes

Paul Hayes

Safety and Insurance Director

Few people in aviation can match Paul’s nearing 35 years’ experience in air safety and his achievements as a trusted advisor to governments, regulators, insurance markets and airlines worldwide.

Paul joined Ascend in 1974, having previously worked for National Air Traffic Services at London Heathrow Airport.

With his extensive international consultancy experience, Paul has led the development of several of Ascend’s key aviation and space offerings.

Paul’s unique achievements include assisting Russia to present the former USSRs’ full airline safety record to the international aviation insurance market – work that led to close co-operation between Russia and the CIS and the release of data on some 600 airline accidents not previously recorded in the West.  Paul has also been instrumental in managing the research and production of the CP479, the World Aircraft Accident Summary in collaboration with UK’s Civil Aviation Authority. 


Airliner Team

Photo - Richard Bye

Richard Bye

Airline Team Leader

Richard joined Ascend in 1998 after having previously worked for Trans Mediterranean Airways (TMA) in the cargo offices at Heathrow. He also worked in the airfreight forwarding industry for several years followed by a short spell at United Airlines also at Heathrow.

As the Airliners Team Leader since 2008, Richard has worked in the data team for eleven years and is responsible for the team of analysts maintaining the airliner aircraft histories on Ascend Online. Richard also manages the in production regional aircraft types. He is a keen aircraft photographer and flight simulation enthusiast.




Photo - Marc Payne

Marc Payne

Senior Aviation Data Analyst

Marc joined Ascend in 1999 after 12 years with Volvo Trucks, initially working on the research of all the aircraft types in the company’s earlier CASE database. Marc now specialises in the research of all data for aircraft in Russia & the former CIS countries contained within the Ascend Online database, as well as looking after military aviation. Marc is also a keen aviation photographer.


Photo - Steven Phipps

Steven Phipps

Manager Fleets

Steve joined Ascend in 2006 after leaving university where he studied Product Design. He was initially involved in data validation processes before moving to researching delivery schedules and production rates for Ascend Online.

Steve is now responsible for Ascend Online’s Airbus aircraft histories and works with Airbus routinely to confirm delivery and order details as well as used aircraft transactions. He also is responsible for Ascend’s McDonnell-Douglas aircraft histories and has recently added the Cessna Caravan to our aircraft types. Steve also liaises with a selection of lessors and airlines regarding their portfolios and fleets so they can be updated regularly. Steve also collates aircraft movements and news items from the Australasia region.


Photo - Tony Best

Tony Best

Aviation Data Analyst

Tony joined Ascend in late 2006 and comes from an aviation photography background. Tony manages most of the out of production Airliner (jet & turboprop) aircraft on the Ascend Online database and keeps monitors transactions from the more remote parts of Africa and Asia. Tony is also Ascend's resident in-house photographer.  


Photo - James Mellon

James Mellon

Aviation Data Analyst

James has been with Ascend since 2007 and maintains the company profile aspect of the Ascend Online database. He is also responsible for tracking new start-up airlines. James holds a BA (Hons) degree in International Travel Management from the University of Brighton. He has also worked in Business Development for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority in Columbus, Ohio. James is also a keen aviation photographer.


General Aviation Team

Photo - Peter Webber

Peter Webber

Manager  –  Aviation Services

Pete joined Ascend in 2007. Prior to that he completed 25 years service in the Royal Air Force, which saw him serving worldwide in a variety of roles supporting the transport aircraft fleet.  Despite his military background, he has always had a keen interest in civil aviation. He headed up the small team that delivered the General Aviation product and has been closely involved in developing this exciting new addition to the Ascend Online portfolio. Today he manages the data team, working closely with other parts of the company to ensure a smooth delivery of all products to the customer. 


Photo - John Maloney

John Maloney

Team Leader Fleets

John joined Ascend in 2008 after two years working in airport slot coordination for ACL at Heathrow. Prior to this, he studied modern languages at university, specialising in French and German.

John is now part of the General Aviation Team specialising in helicopter research, and is responsible for the Eurocopter family of types as well as the McDonnell Douglas built helicopters for the Ascend Online database.




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