Appraisal Services

Expert asset valuations from the industry’s foremost aircraft appraiser. Our international team of experienced appraisers (including certified ISTAT appraisers), supports aircraft owners and operators to fully understand the value of their assets and make sound financial decisions.

The world’s leading aviation financiers and lessors depend on Ascend’s appraisal services to understand the market for assets, past, current and future value prospects and the technical issues surrounding an asset from a risk and ownership perspective.

We work closely with the world’s airlines to manage fleet structures and operational, ownership and disposal strategies.

Ascend delivers several options for asset valuation and appraisal services covering all commercial aircraft. 

Half-Life and Full-Life Valuation

Used for planning and assessing potential financing or purchases of new aircraft, and may be the starting point for more comprehensive work.

  • Half-life valuations assume aircraft is half way between major overhauls
  • Full-life valuations assume aircraft is fresh from major overhaul
  • Formal document with signature

Adjusted Valuation

A more detailed valuation for used aircraft that takes into account maintenance adjustments for accuracy. 

  • Adjustments made for maintenance, utilisation and specification
  • Available for whole fleets for accounting purposes
  • Used for accident claims for either the defendant or claimant
  • Suitable for disputed valuations, importation, customs and tax wealth valuations
  • Retrospective valuations are available

Extended Valuation

Includes additional detail and information for clients requiring more granular data for specific aircraft transactions. 

  • Used to support distressed sales
  • Suitable for Orders of Liquidation
  • Includes part-out and scrap values

Encumbered Valuation

Used to assess the value of an aircraft with a lease attached. Encumbered valuations review an aircraft as a revenue generator and evaluate a potential lease stream. 

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