Ascend has supported the aviation industry with strategic information and trusted advice for almost five decades.

Ascend offers unique, trusted expertise in analysing industry trends and making reliable recommendations across the whole spectrum of the aviation industry.
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Policy Consultation
(Pre-rule making phase)

Policy Making

Policy implementation




What are the key issues affecting the aviation industry?

Who are the stakeholders involved or will be affected by this regulation?

What information do I need to persuade stakeholders of my argument?

Is this Government mandated policy?
Do I need to create or amend existing policy?

How do I roll out the legislation?

What targets should I set?


How do I measure benefits, improve efficiencies and reduce costs of the legislation implementation?


How do I research, monitor and measure effect of the legislation?



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Market forecasts

Airport forecasts

Slot valuations

Expert Witness and lobbying support

Route development


Data modelling to support whitepapers/ policy building

Market research

Accident modelling



Programme Management – quantifying the impact and target setting

Reports for communications to affected parties





Performance management


 Quantify fines and alternative arrangements



Stage 1. How we can help:

We provide independent advisory services across the whole spectrum of the aviation industry – from safety and environmental regulations to technological and financial regulations.

Stage 2. How we can help:

We have experience of working on a number of European Commission policy initatives and can help you size and scope the opportunity or the issues involved.

Stage 3. How we can help:

We have collaborated with companies across the globe to successful deliver strategic initiatives efficiently and effectively.

Stage 4. How we can help:

Ascend has a proven track record of working closely with all the key players to unlock value, uncover opportunities and identify problems with policy implementation processes.

Stage 5. How we can help:

We have worked alongside many of the world’s leading players in commercial aviation to achieve more in a challenging and volatile environment.

Data Solutions

Bespoke analytical data

Airports database

Ascend Online

Bespoke data for specific stakeholders to support or oppose policy

Bespoke data for specific stakeholders to support or oppose policy

Ascend Online

Bespoke data feeds

Ascend Online

Bespoke data feeds

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