For market analysis of past, present and future trends, Ascend delivers first-class services to manufacturers all over the globe and we are regularly commissioned to provide residual value studies for new products.
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Define product strategy

New product development

Marketing Analysis

Customer Finance

Asset Management


How has the market evolved and what are the development trends for the industry?

Where are the growth opportunities and are there new technologies that can be applied?

How successful are existing products?

Which operators can I target for product marketing?

What are the market values and residual values for the new aircraft type?

What financing options are available?

How are assets on lease being utilised?

What are their current lease rates and market values?


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Market Research and Analysis

Independent Forecasting

Benchmarking Services

Industry Road shows

New Market Analysis

Forecasting Services


Market Research

Benchmarking Services

Pricing Models


Residual Value Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Aircraft SWOT Analysis

Expert Valuation and Appraisal Services


Stage 1. How we can help:

We can help you understand current and future market conditions and assess potential demand. We can also evaluate your current product portfolio and assess if it will satisfy market demand in the long run. We also facilitate meetings with key industry stakeholders.

Stage 2. How we can help:

We can help you evaluate expansion opportunities into new markets, identify growth opportunities and with which seat segment.

Stage 3. How we can help:

We help you measure how successful your existing products are in terms of customer distribution, in-service fleet size and order backlog and identify potential new customers.

Stage 4. How we can help:

We provide expert opinion on how values of new aircraft types will fare in comparison to other aircraft in the market. We can also help you identify which financiers and lessors are active and what financing options are available to support sales transactions.

Stage 5. How we can help:

We provide bespoke fleet analytics and market summaries to deliver an expert aircraft SWOT analysis. We can also provide expert advisory services in default scenarios.

Data Solutions

Ascend Online Fleets to model aircraft type, operator, country and regional trends.

Global Fleet Forecaster to analyse global fleet composition and distribution over the next 10 years.

Ascend Online Fleets for gap analysis by monitoring delivery profiles for future orders.

Global Fleet Forecaster to understand the global fleet composition and distribution over the next 10 years.

Ascend Online Fleets to plan sales campaigns based on current and future fleet distribution by operator, country, region and aircraft category.


Values Enquiry Service to understand projected residual vaues.

Values Analyzer to analyse values performance of different aircraft types over time.

Values Enquiry Service to determine current market values and lease rates.

Aircraft Ratings to understand the range of future market value volatility and depreciation of specific types and variants.

The depth of experience and credibility we deliver allows you to make key business decisions with maximum visibility and clarity.

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