The world’s top 20 aircraft lessors depend on Ascend for quality information and trusted advisory services to manage aircraft and engine assets in a rapidly changing global market.
Find out how we can help, step by step.
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Your investment strategy and raising funds

Defining which aircraft type and asset class sector

Deal origination and structuring

Asset and lessee due diligence

Asset placement and ongoing asset management

Asset remarketing and trading


Where do I invest my money and how do I source funding?

How can I source and structure the deal correctly?


How can I assess the quality of the asset and lessee and the essentiality of the asset with the lessee?



How do I manage and maintain leases and the condition of my asset?


How do I plan for lease expiration, lease remarketing or aircraft sale? What do I do when a lessee defaults?



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Standard and bespoke internal market studies

Investor due diligence, reports and meetings


Scenario analysis:

Transaction analysis – cash flow modelling, maintenance reserve analysis

Portfolio Analysis – portfolio decision tools

Financial analysis

Airline Reviews,

Technical of Evaluation Aircraft

Lease Contract Analysis

Contractual and asset verification

Bespoke Remarketing

Campaign reports or aircraft placement campaigns

Expert witness services

Stage 1. How we can help:

Competitive intelligence off-the-shelf or tailored to your specific needs, we identify markets, products and assets that offer the greatest return on investment and the best long-term growth potential. Our expert advisory services also help you present concise business plans to support your capital raising activities.

Stage 2. How we can help:

We deliver quantitative measurement tools to evaluate a single deal or portfolio against internal or external benchmarks.

Stage 3. How we can help:

We deliver business reviews for airlines and offer expert advisory services to assess asset risk and contractual lease terms.

Stage 4. How we can help:

We have expertise in the physical and records inspection of aircraft, engines and spare part pools, from advisory overviews to detailed inventory content confirmation.

Stage 5. How we can help:

We provide bespoke fleet analytics and market summaries to deliver an expert aircraft SWOT analysis. We also act as expert witnesses in post-default scenarios.

Data Solutions

Aircraft Ratings to understand the volitility of aircraft investments.

Market Commentaries for insight into Ascend's opinion on market performance and outlook.


Ascend Online Fleets current fleet and order backlog data to target lessees, identify sale/leaseback opportunities and track competitors.



Ascend Online Fleets for credit risk analysis. 

Values Enquiry Service to calculate depreciation profiles and support analysis of cash flows.

Portfolio Service to monitor lease rates and values fluctuations.

Ascend Online Fleets sales and lease transactions to monitor market activity.

Ascend Online Fleets current fleet and lease expiries to indentify prospects for lease or sale. Company and contact information to approach targets.

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