Aircraft financiers rely on Ascend's broad range of specialist consultancy services for further insight, independent support and industry expertise.
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Your Portfolio Strategy

Defining the "what", "when" and "how" for investments in the aviation sector

Identifying Your

Pitching and deal initiation

Transaction Evaluation

Including Due Diligence, Business Reviews
and Structure

Closing the Transaction

Risk Management, Syndication
and Monitoring


When and where do I put capital to work?

How do I target prospects that meet my investment objectives?

How do I make a winning bid?

How do I make sure I can make money?

How do I find best practices to address the various transaction risk elements: credit, asset, legal and structural?

How can I monitor exposures and actively manage risk in response to changes in the market, an operator or an asset?


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Strategic Market Studies

Operator Ratings

Asset and Sector Reviews

Transaction Analyser

Cash Flow Modelling

Portfolio Decision Tools

Lessee Reviews

Aircraft Ratings

Asset Valuations

Bespoke Consultancy

Lease or Sale Agreement Reviews

Information Memorandum support

Operator Default Contingency Plans

Aircraft Ratings

Bespoke Consultancy

Business Health Checks

Lessee and Asset Monitoring

Stage 1. How we can help:

Understanding risk and reward requires a significant amount of experience and detailed knowledge of the industry. We conduct fundamental research to help you identify the long-term trends and short-term cyclical forces which are driving the aviation sector.

Stage 2. How we can help:

Detailed market analysis is a fundamental building block of successful strategic planning. Tailored to your specific needs, we identify and qualify markets, products and assets which offer superior risk/reward profiles and meet business requirements.

Stage 3. How we can help:

We can help measure deal or transaction potential and benchmark against other deals or products, and support the calibration of risk or Basel II compliance, down to asset valuation and the measurement and replication of market dynamics.

Stage 4. How we can help:

Working with the leading investment firms and leasing companies, we have become fluent in language spoke by Risk Managers, Credit Officers and lawyers.

Stage 5. How we can help:

Our unique combination of expertise in aircraft fleets and values serves as the foundation for a suite of tools designed to take asset monitoring and  analysis to the greatest level of detail.

Data Solutions

Ascend Online Fleets to analyse which aircraft are being ordered, leased, converted or stored.

Aircraft Ratings to forecast the future performance of aircraft values and the risk of an investment strategy.

Ascend Online Fleets to identify suitable operators with orders, deliveries and lease expiries that match your investment strategy.

Values Enquiry Service and Aircraft Ratings to assess the viability of a transaction by forecasting depreciation, volatility and residual value.

Ascend Online Fleets to assess the financial and operating performance of a possible customer.

Aircraft Ratings to understand the forecasted financial performance of a potential investment.

Values Analyzer to provide confidence in the transaction based on historical values performance.

Portfolio Service to monitor aircraft value fluctuations for comparison with both transaction forecasts and Basel II compliance models.


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