Ascend offers an extensive range of services to airport operators, investors and suppliers to support major new developments and privatisation projects.
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Asset Review and Market Analysis

Bid Preparation

Bid Process

Winning the Bid

Risk Management


What is the market potential of this airport?

What factors would increase the value of the asset?

Bid / no bid decision


What market conditions have changed since the start of the bid process?

How do I manage the asset or market fluctuations?



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Macro-Economic Evaluation

Competition Analysis

Model Construction and Testing

Catchment Area Analysis


Scenario analysis and forecasting

Traffic forecasts

Route forecasts


Bid process and business plan support

Monitoring and revised forecasting


Developing and monitoring a management dashboard



Stage 1. How we can help:

With experience in over fifty airport traffic forecasts carried out for airports, investors, governments and others, Ascend has a track record in successful analysis of the airport market.

Stage 2. How we can help:

We can help you understand the current and future airport market through objective traffic forecasts which build in to your investment business plan. Our holistic approach comprises analysing historic trends, airline strategy, economics and demographics and tourism factors.

Stage 3. How we can help:

We provide key input to the business plans for your bid / no bid decisions. This involves working with financial analysts, environmental planners, engineers, commercial and operational specialists and liaising closely with governments and financial institutions.

Stage 4. How we can help:

We deliver expert 25 year forecast models of passengers, movements and cargo segmented by international and domestic traffic and by region of the world served. These are updated as required.

Stage 5. How we can help:

One of the most challenging areas of airport investment is a continual assessment of market risk, given the dependence airports have on changing passenger, cargo and airline demands. Airports work to a 20 year planning horizon, in which time many things change. We deliver multiple benchmark and reference datasets to ensure your multi-million dollar deals are robust.

Data Solutions

Airports Database

Airports Database

Airline Traffic Statistics

Bespoke data analysis

Bespoke data analysis

Airports Database

Current and potential investors place great value on Ascend’s realistic simulations of market changes. We offer a truly global perspective on the airport market.

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