Airport Data

Comprehensive database models and sophisticated airport market and forecast studies from Ascend give airport and airline operators as well as investors the crucial information they need to pursue new developments and privatisation projects.

Airports Database

One convenient platform featuring:

  1. Multiple information sources covering more than 470 European airports, with more regions to follow
  2. Ownership, financial and infrastructure data, including terminal and runway descriptions
  3. Charting options to show each airline’s share of airport traffic
  4. Five year historical and current statistics for airport financial and traffic data

Ascend’s Airports Database makes it easy to monitor competitors and investment opportunities alike. Compare up to five airports at once by downloading to Excel or analyse competitor traffic trends, capacity or current routes. Review historic, current and future investments on one simple platform.

Our analysts can create bespoke studies and models to meet your needs. Find out more about our specialist advice and consultancy.

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