Dynamic values data from the industry's foremost appraiser

Access at a touch, the very latest aircraft and engine valuations from the industry's foremost appraiser. Explore the breadth and range of analytical services on offer online from Ascend Values covering:
  • More than 67,000 individual commercial aircraft
  • Forecasts of future aircraft values and lease rates looking ahead 25 years
  • Full-life and half-life values
  • 1,000 dynamic updates to values and lease rates every month
  • Current Market Values and Lease Rates based on actual aircraft specifications

Ascend’s intuitive online service lets you tailor searches by specific serial number of aircraft type, bolstered by around a thousand updates every month. Choose the value of a single aircraft or engine, or specific or generic aircraft, all easily downloaded by our Enquiry Service into several formats.

Ascend Values gives industry professionals – from insurers and investors to manufacturers - the tools to make informed decisions about buying, selling and trading aircraft. Portfolios are easily and accurately updated, new market opportunities are assessed quickly and competitive forces analysed by our expert and independent team of data experts

Enquiry Service

Choose our Enquiry Service to ask about one specific, individual aircraft or engine at a time or select a generic aircraft by type, variant, build or specification. Then bundle all the data into an easily downloaded spreadsheet.

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Portfolio Service

Groups of aircraft can be monitored for compliance, reporting or direct decision making support. Portfolios can be bank owned/exposed aircraft, an operator fleet or a securitised portfolio (EETC, ABS, PTC). Assists with compliance towards the Basel II regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards.

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Fleet Values

Presents the world's aircraft fleets by type and by variant. An invaluable source, searchable by manager, operator and owner, allowing you to better understand the composition of a fleet, for example whether it is owned or leased.

Ascend Values Analysis

Monitor key activities and understand the opportunities and risks in the market with a suite of analysis modules. These commentaries cover the Commercial Jet, Business Jet and Helicopter markets as well as a guide to aviation programmes.

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