Aircraft Accident & Loss Data

No other data provider delivers the depth, range and integrity of our authoritative aircraft accident and loss information, built on 60 years of comprehensive global data.

Aviation authorities including the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the FAA and the UK’s CAA turn to Ascend for our timely and detailed accident reports; global insurers value our unrivalled expertise in analysing safety trends and delivering reliable recommendations on air safety improvements.

Our Air Safety team uses its unique range of data, industry sources and contacts to deliver tailored-made solutions and provides immediate assistance to any air safety related enquiry.

Our safety databases, specialist reports and services include: 

World Aircraft Accident Summary (WAAS)

Researched and published on behalf of the UK CAA, WAAS includes detailed descriptions for 8,000 accidents involving jet and turbo-powered aircraft and helicopter accidents.

Jet Operator Statistics (JOS)

Accident and exposure statistics over 45 years, across more than 1200 airlines, available as a comprehensive database or as a tailor-made subset.

Special Bulletin

When a major accident occurs, Ascend promptly publishes a Special Bulletin summarising all the available information about the event and following up with quarterly updates and a special end-of-year report.

Major Loss Record (MLR)

MLR provides comprehensive details of 7,000 accidents incurred by jet, turbo-props and business jets since entry into service.

Airliner Loss Rates (ALR)

ALR provides annual figures for all major airline types covering the different measures of exposure and five-year accident rates.

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