The global aviation finance community demands some of the most complex and sensitive information of any market. Lenders and equity analysts alike put a high value on the variety, accuracy and immediacy of information and analysis available from Ascend.  

Ascend’s aerospace information, consultancy solutions and appraisal services have helped financiers across a range of specialities meet their business objectives.

Commercial Banking

Ascend supports origination departments analyse the viability of potential new transactions and assists with structuring appropriate Loan to Value ratios. Our customised, standalone reports, with expert analyst opinion, help financiers better understand aircraft value trends for specific assets and categories, and are used to support strategic thinking on developing areas of opportunity.    

  1. Ascend Online Values and Aircraft Ratings for analysis and mitigation of aircraft risk
  2. Ascend Online Fleets and Aviation Exchange to identify and target prospects 

Equity Research

Ascend enables equity researchers to obtain accurate and independent asset valuations for different assets. Researchers can evaluate leasing and financing trends globally and validate prospect company business plans with actual deliveries and planned order information. 

  1. Ascend Online Fleets to understand trends in aircraft orders and deliveries

Credit Research

  1.  Ascend Online Fleets to understand trends in aircraft orders and deliveries

Investment Banking

Ascend’s experience and expertise in aviation allows investment banks to recognise opportunities in the market and guide financing decisions. We analyse specific assets and can make recommendations on potential aircraft, airline and lessor investments.  

  1. Ascend’s aerospace data to explain the dynamics of the aircraft market to investors
  2. Values and value histories in structuring deals

Fixed Income Investors

  1. Ascend Online Fleets to analyse lessor and airline fleets and to assess the relative quality of different aircraft assets
  2. Values and Aircraft Ratings to monitor portfolios and to analyse the risk in new deals

Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund Managers turn to Ascend to evaluate new investment opportunities. We help Fund Managers understand the investment merits of aircraft, engines, airlines, lessors or aircraft backed bonds. We also assist with ongoing portfolio management and risk analysis. 

Equity Investors

Ascend support private equity firms follow due diligence practices for new investments or capital increases in the aerospace and aircraft leasing sectors through provision of values and fleet data.

Our specialist consultancy services help financiers develop successful business strategies and better manage entire lending portfolios.

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  • Commonwealth Bank.
  • Export Development Canada (EDC).
  • Helaba.
  • HSH Nordbank.
  • JP Morgan.
  • KfW IPEX Bank.
  • PK Airfinance.
  • RBS.
  • SkyWorks Capital.
  • SMBC.
  • Waha Capital.


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