Rolls-Royce: Market intelligence

Rolls Royce

Company Profile

Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s leading brands with a reputation for high-quality products and services. With annual sales of £4 billion, Rolls-Royce civil aerospace division is the world’s number two aircraft engine manufacturer and number one for large turbofans and business jets. Rolls-Royce civil aerospace division currently has over 12,400 jet engines in service.

The Situation

Everyday, the Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace team has to make critical business decisions. To ensure that decisions are reached with maximum visibility and clarity, the company requires instant access to accurate industry data to help analyse the global airline market and develop reliable market forecasts.

The Solution

For over two decades, Rolls-Royce has relied on Ascend for detailed market insight and dependable industry data. The company accesses a wide range of Ascend’s airline fleet and aircraft values information together with specialist advisory services. A number of the Rolls-Royce aerospace team utilise Ascend’s online information every working day.

The Result

Ascend industry data has become an integral part of Rolls-Royce’s daily business operations. For market analysis of past, present and future industry trends, Ascend continues to deliver accurate information to one of the world’s best-known and trusted manufacturers.

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