Airports: Risk and opportunity

Company Profile

Multiple clients

The Situation

One of the most challenging areas of airport investment is assessing market risk, given the dependence airports have on changing passenger, cargo and airline demands. Airports are working to a 20 year planning horizon, in which time many things can change. Our clients required multiple benchmark and reference datasets, in an accessible and consistent format, to underpin their major airport investment projects.

The Solution

Ascend developed a comprehensive and bespoke airports database, populated with rich information sources for more than 400 European airports. Its sophisticated search capabilities deliver vital data-sets including

  • Ownership and financial information
  • Infrastructure information, including terminal and runway descriptions
  • Airlines serving the airport and charting options to reveal and airline’s current share Passenger statistics
  • Aircraft movements
  • Cargo statistics

The Result

Ascend commands widespread respect amongst the world’s leading aviation financiers who rely on our data to evaluate investments and quantify deals. Using Ascend’s accurate and comprehensive airport datasets, our clients are able to confidently measure the risk and assess the opportunities associated with their airport investment strategies and make sound and informed investment decisions.

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